The building is a low-rise structure consisting of one ground floor and one underground floor. Most of the volume of the building, which has a unique form featuring a roof made from giant steel plates that slope gently down to the ground, is buried underground. Once inside, the space opens out on a scale unimaginable given the building's unobtrusive exterior. The ground floor houses the entrance and reception area, while the underground floor houses two galleries and a triangular sunken court. The building was designed by architect Tadao Ando,whose brief was to design a structure that would represent Japan.
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A Piece of Cloth

Highlighting Issey Miyake's concept in clothing design of "A Piece of Cloth," Ando devised the idea for the roof as one sheet of folded steel. In addition to the roof, the building incorporates Japan's world-leading technology such as the longest sheet of double-glazed glass in Japan.

Sketch by Tadao Ando Sketch by Tadao Ando

Architectural Process Architectural Process
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