Exhibition "Measuring: This much, That much, How much?"
Everyone's Mesurement Vol.3 Klein Dytham Architecture

We asked 8 people who are active in various fields to describe the notions that spring to mind when presented with the themes of "units" and "gauges."

Photo: Keizo Kioku

"Human Scale" Klein Dytham Architecture

We live and work in spaces and subconsciously measure them all the time with our own body. As architects designing these spaces we need to give them dimensions in millimeters and meters, but to confirm we actually crosscheck the sizes with familiar dimensions around us in our own office. During a meeting with a client, who is less familiar with dimensions, we try and give visualizations with sizes they know.

The model in the exhibition helps you visualise the size of our office in terms of familiar objects.
- Artek stools
- Offices desks
- Tatami mats
- Mini cars
- Yamanote train carriage in rush hour

"Everyone's Mesurement" Special participants

  1. Kaoru Kasai
  2. Nobori Kiuchi
  3. Klein Dytham Architecture
  4. Fumiko Sakuhara
  5. Naomi Takayama
  6. Akira Minagawa
  7. Jasper Morrison
  8. Koichi Yanagimoto
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