Exhibition "Measuring: This much, That much, How much?"
Everyone's Mesurement Vol.6 Akira Minagawa

We asked 8 people who are active in various fields to describe the notions that spring to mind when presented with the themes of "units" and "gauges."

Photo: Keizo Kioku

"SHIKIBUTSU" Akira Minagawa

When I decide to use a particular color, I do not rely on technical elements of colors, such as brightness, saturation, and hue; instead, I always associate human feelings and states of objects with colors.
Just like there is an infinite variety of animals, each color has its own characteristics and associated emotions.

"Everyone's Mesurement" Special participants

  1. Kaoru Kasai
  2. Nobori Kiuchi
  3. Klein Dytham Architecture
  4. Fumiko Sakuhara
  5. Naomi Takayama
  6. Akira Minagawa
  7. Jasper Morrison
  8. Koichi Yanagimoto
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