May 2015 (1)

Exhibition "Measuring: This much, That much, How much?"
Everyone's Mesurement Vol.8 Koichi Yanagimoto

We asked 8 people who are active in various fields to describe the notions that spring to mind when presented with the themes of "units" and "gauges."

Photo: Keizo Kioku

"What is the value of money?" Koichi Yanagimoto

If hyper-inflation occurs, it requires several trillion yen just to buy a loaf of bread. Money no longer has any value and becomes cheaper than copy paper. Such notes with tremendous numbers of digits make us think about money and its value.

"Everyone's Mesurement" Special participants

  1. Kaoru Kasai
  2. Nobori Kiuchi
  3. Klein Dytham Architecture
  4. Fumiko Sakuhara
  5. Naomi Takayama
  6. Akira Minagawa
  7. Jasper Morrison
  8. Koichi Yanagimoto
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