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THE FAB MIND Exhibition is featured on domus and JDN

Exhibition "THE FAB MIND: Hints of the Future in a Shifting World" is covered by Italian website "domus" and Japanese website "JDN."

>>domus "The Fab Mind"

>>JDN "World Report"

Short Films from THE FAB MIND Exhibition

DNA Charlois & Christien Meindertsma / Wandschappen Sweaters by Loes

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Celebrating and recording anonymous acts

Studio Swine Can City

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Connecting waste and street culture with crafts

Massoud Hassani Mine Kafon

Callum Cooper, Massoud Hassani and Mahmud Hassani

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Design and humanism in solutions strategy

ALMA Project / National Astronomical Observatory of Japan + PARTY + Qosmo + Epiphany Works
ALMA MUSIC BOX: Melody of a Dying Star

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Communicating invisible information to the five senses

Atelier Hoko Fixperts

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Solving problems through repair and improvement

Yosuke Ushigome Professional Sharing

Professional Sharing from Yosuke Ushigome on Vimeo.

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Design that brings about discussions about the future

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