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Photo: Keizo Kioku


"Hurdler" is a virtual sports brand created for the original products of the ATHLETE exhibit.
The name, "Hurdler," originates from the "hurdle race," which is also the main visual of this exhibit. The brand logo, which was created based on the main visual that expresses the dynamism of the athlete defying all boundaries, incorporates a motif that is reminiscent of the bar of the hurdle.

Original water bottle ¥800
A slim, light-weight and easy-to-carry water bottle which can be used in any sports scene.

Original T-shirt (S, M, L) ¥3,000 each
A simply-designed T-shirt that is sturdy and can be worn on any occasion.

Original face towel ¥800
An original face towel that is soft to the touch for athletes even after a sporting event.

*Design: Takahiro Furuya (Werkbund)
*Available at the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT SHOP on the ground floor (no entry charge)
*All prices are without tax

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