"Secret Source of Inspiration: Designers’ Hidden Sketches and Mockups"



Diversity in creative processes is seen through these 26 designers and creative professionals' sketches and mockups. The exhibition offers the following six suggestions to enhance visitors' experience:

1. Variety in Design Field Methodologies

How a designer develops an idea and makes a prototype will depend on the nature of the project. Try exploring the wide range of formats and methods.

2. Variety in Personal Design Processes

Within the same design field methods of investigation and prototyping can differ according to generation, or individual designer's preference. Take a look and investigate the differences. Also note essentials that remain unchanged.

3. Stationary and Equipment

There are pens and paper for sketches, polystyrene board and cutters for making architectural models, and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) for product projects. Design equipment varies according to the field.

4. Design Quality from Start to Finish

Comparing sketches or mockups with a final form reveals what has gone on in the designer's mind.

5. Design Philosophy

Examining in-progress designs reveals a designer's creative philosophy.

6. In-Depth Observation

Why not select a favorite drawing or mockup and spend some time thinking about its interesting points? You can deepen your understanding by making sketches.