Exhibition Contents

  • "Sight of photojournalism" Adam Pretty (Getty Images)

  • "Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington Human Body Study 1213" Howard Schatz
    (Photograph by Howard Schatz from Schatz Images: 25 Years (Glitterati, Inc. 2015))

  • "Athlete Dynamism" Takram (Technical Support: Keijiro Takahashi)

  • "The Room of Marvels" (illustration)

  • "Xiborg: Prosthetic legs / Genesis" Xiborg Co., Ltd.

  • "Gears of Physical Extension" OX ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.

  • "Analogy Learning" Shinji Inamoto (Planning: Syunichi Suge, Image: Getty Images)
    Text on the image: Running on the ground as if running on a heated frying pan

  • "Match Insights" SAP Japan Co., Ltd.

This exhibition will comprise exhibits that focus on a variety of athlete-related topics.

The Dynamism of Athletes

This exhibit is a video representation of the pulse of athletes before a competition, generated with dynamic motion capture data. In addition, a range of factors on the athletes' physique, mental states, environment, etc. are presented in infographics.

The Room of Marvels

Featuring all sorts of competitive world records people have achieved, shown via projected video and three-dimensional installations. This exhibit captures the superhuman scale of these accomplishments.

Physical Training

How do athletes perceive their bodies and control how they move? Through simulation training, visitors experience how athletes skillfully sense and move their bodies.

Mental Training

Athletes train relentlessly, day after day, but the competitions they train for are over in a flash. This exhibit explores the internal conflicts that athletes experience, such as the races against time from their preparation till they reach their goal, the pressure felt during moments of extreme concentration, and the efforts it takes to control the mind.

Photos of Athletes

This is an exhibit of press photos that show athletes from unusual angles and photos that capture their physical characteristics and movements.

Tools of Physical Extension

Here we showcase the role of sports equipment as "extensions" that enhance the movement, strength, and performance of different parts of the body in competitions.

Technological Evolution in Tactics

This exhibit features works through which visitors learn about advanced technologies of data analysis and tactical management that are essential to modern team sports.

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