Exhibition Contents

"Sights of Photojournalism"
Adam Pretty (Getty Images)

8 photos are exhibited that show the movements and physical characteristics of athletes from unusual angles.

"Athlete Dynamism"

The "movement" of athletes in 6 sports is extracted from motion capture data and visualized.

"Factors that Make an Athlete"

The factors that make up an athlete are mapped in differenct layers.

"The Room of Marvels"
Animation: Keijiro Takahashi, Human figure: Ayame Kikuchi

The super-human physical ability of athletes is expressed using the entire gallery. Visitors are able to experience world records (in track and field) using full-scale projected images based on the actual movements of the athletes.

"The Characteristics of Athletes' Physiques"
LENS (Kenichi Okada + Kunie Hiyamizu)

Visitors are able to experience differences in their physiques with that of athletes, as their silhouettes are projected and morphed into the physiques of the athletes of various competitions.

"Balance & Control"
Planning: Exhibition Planning Team, Tec Gihan Co., Ltd.

Visitors are able to experience various physical senses by understanding their own "balance."

"Physical Control (Grading, Timing, and Spacing)"
Mitsuru Tokisato, Liu Gongzhen (LIUKOBO)

Visitors are able to experience how athletes control "force adjustment," "timing" and "spatial and distance understanding" by using their bodies.

"Analogy Learning"
Shinji Inamoto / Planning: Syunichi Suge

Examples of a coaching method which explains movement through analogy will be presented.

"Relay of Movements"
Takuya Hosogane

The form of the movements in various sorts have been extracted and edited into a fast-paced video.

"Human Body Study by Howard Schatz"
Howard Schatz

7 photos that depict physiques of athletes developed through daily training.

"A Dialogue with the Subconscious, the 'Most Familiar Other'"
Junji Watanabe (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)

Movements, which we usually engage in without thinking, are broken down into a multitude of tiny movements and sensations.

"An Athlete's Perspective"
Yasuhiro Hoshino

Visitors are able to visualize how they view their opponent, for example in kendo, and compare their own vision with that of the athletes.

"Time Pressure"
imaginative inc.

An exhibit which allows the visitors to experience just how much everyday actions are influenced by time pressure.

Daijiro Ohara, Naho Okamoto (SIRI SIRI), Yota Kakuda, groovisions, SHUKYU + Gottingham

Designers in various fields use their unique methods to create the nature of the athlete.

"Onomatopoeia Training"
Noriaki Okamoto

Video depicting training using onomatopoeia to allow the body to memorize movements.

"Gears of Physical Extension"
ASICS Corporation, Amer Sports Japan, Inc. OX ENGINEERING Co., Ltd., GOLDWIN INC., Xiborg Co., Ltd., NISSIN MEDICAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd., MIZUNO Corporation, YAMAMOTO KOGAKU CO., LTD.

"Physical Expansion Gear: Documentary" depicting various sports gear as well as interviews with various engineers and developers and show them under the theme of "Physical Extension Gear".

"Designing to goal"
Yukiya Okuda

The buildup of time from the athlete's training to the goal is visualized through a video.

"Tactics and Big Data"
SAP Japan Co., Ltd.

An exhibit that allows visitors to experience touch panels that utilize data analysis systems as well as actual tactics.