Projects / Exhibition Contents

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
"The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy, 2014-16"
"The Mastaba Project for the United Arab Emirates"

Covering from the projects of early '60's to "The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy, 2014-16," which was realized last year, we will display the physical scale of their works that dramatically change the landscape, and the scale of time through these projects. Their creative activities over fifty years, are presented by the multi projection on three walls, which includes interview with Christo taken specifically for this exhibition, unreleased film footages of "The Floating Piers," photographs, and films. The work in progress, "The Mastaba Project for the United Arab Emirates" is introduced with drawings and document photographs.

Exhibition content: Masahiko Yanagi

Junya Ishigami
"Church of the Valley"

Architect Junya Ishigami works on a variety of projects such as architects and landscapes with a unique approach that exceeds conventional values and perceptions of scale.
The exhibition includes a model of a project that is still in progress in a valley in Shandong Province, China - a church, 1.35 meters wide and towering 45 meters high, which represents a magnificent scale.

Junya Ishigami "Church of the Valley" © junya.ishigami+associates

Numen/For Use
"Tape Tokyo 02"

Numen/For Use is a creator group that carries out diverse activities, using stage art and industrial design techniques, as well as installations and materials such as tapes and nets. In this exhibition, they produce a new installation which suits the place/site.

Numen/For Use "Tape Tokyo 02" (Photo: Keizo Kioku)


This is a project whereby, after the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck in 2011, Michael Haefliger (Executive and Artistic Director, Lucerne Festival) became the promoter, cooperated by Anish Kapoor, Arata Isozaki and Masahide Kajimoto, etc., to produce a huge balloon-shaped movable concert hall which is 36 meters long, and held concerts in the Tohoku region. Samples of the materials used, drawings of the structure, videos of people assembling various parts, and scenes of the concert are on display. It conveys the joy of seeing this large-scale project, which spreads to the people living in the disaster-stricken areas.

Yusuke Asai
"Possibility of Soils"

Yusuke Asai is known for weaving human as well as various animals and plants together in his drawings with mud and paints. In this exhibition, he breathes new life into previously created earth paintings and attempt to reconstruct them dynamically by using collected soil from the Tokyo Midtown area and various locations.

Yusuke Asai "Possibility of Soils" (Photo: Keizo Kioku)

Dani Karavan
"Axe Majeur," "Negev Monument"

Dani Karavan creates dynamic sculptures that take into consideration the history and climate of the place where they are to be installed. For this exhibition, he will display sketches, photos and other documents used for "Axe Majeur" measuring 3 kilometers in length and "Negev Monument," which are large scale projects, and demonstrate the meticulous processes he took.
*The Axe Majeur is a project still ongoing which is only 45kms away from Paris. Some famous monuments of Paris are indeed visible from this project.

Georges Rousse
"TOKYO 2017"

Georges Rousse produces site-specific works that make use of optical illusions. Geometric shapes that appear in the spaces3 have been created through meticulous calculations and collaboration with people on- site. In this exhibition, he creates an installation that matches the architectural space of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT. Together with the installation, he shows the final photograph.

Georges Rousse "TOKYO 2017" © Georges Rousse

Tatzu Nishi
"Capsule Hotel 21"

Tatzu Nishi constructs hotels and living rooms around landmarks like the Merlion in Singapore and the Statue of Columbus in New York, making public spaces appear as though they were private. On this occasion, Tatzu builds a new "capsule hotel motif installation" including his past photograph works and new sculptures are unveiled at the newly opened Gallery 3. Suddenly appeared art hotel will be operated in the middle of Roppongi.
To experience the installation, special overnight event will be held at Gallery 3. The reservation is required to participate the event. More details will be updated on this website when it is available.

Tatzu Nishi "Capsule Hotel 21" (Photo: Keizo Kioku)