「AUDIO ARCHITECTURE展 in 台北」開催決定/"AUDIO ARCHITECTURE" Exhibition will travel to Taipei

2018年に21_21 DESIGN SIGHTが開催し、好評を博した展覧会「AUDIO ARCHITECTURE展」の、台湾・台北への巡回が決定しました。
2020年夏、華山文化創意園區(Huashan 1914 Creative Park)で開催されます。2016年の「単位展 in 台北」に続き、INCEPTIONが主催します。
小山田圭吾(Cornelius)が書き下ろしたひとつの楽曲を軸に、9組の作家による多彩な映像作品とインテリア、グラフィック、テキストまで、あらゆる要素がそれぞれの固有性を発揮しながら連動し、調和し続ける... あの「音楽建築空間」を再び体感していただける機会となります。

This Summer, "AUDIO ARCHITECTURE" Exhibition, directed by Yugo Nakamura and organized by 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in 2018, will travel to Taipei, Taiwan.
Following the success of "Measuring Exhibition in Taipei" in 2016, it will be held by INCEPTION again, but in a new venue, Huashan 1914 Creative Park.
Based on a piece of music composed by Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) exclusively for the exhibition, 9 films created by a variety of artists, interior, graphic and even text relate each other. Each has its own identity, and all elements work in conjunction with the music, creating a continuous harmony...... You will be able to immerse yourselves into this "audio architecture" again.
Please stay tuned!

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Photo: Atsushi Nakamichi (Nacása & Partners Inc.)